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Monday, March 05, 2012


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kai balbin-toth

hello my darling friend! I've missed reading you up! <3 hope all is well and i'm sad I didnt get to see you when I was in Manila.

Sarah (Winner Celebration Party)

Hi Lia, I'm a fellow recipe tester for Steamy Kitchen. Was just clicking to check out your photo of the eggs, and I just had to say, GORGEOUS! Love your photo, and your blog! I look forward to following it for more posts!


I have her first cookbook. love her beef and broccoli :)


I did exactly what Sarah did. I clicked your photo link and just had to comment to tell you how much I love your absolutely gorgeous photo! I cant wait to look around your blog later today. And, p.s. I love your hair color. I am a redhead stuck in the body of a dark brunette.

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